Our history

A brand that is passed down from generation to generation

Artisanal know-how and reasoned production

In the SOVEZIR workshops, artisanal excellence is at the heart of our DNA. Here, jewelry comes to life under the expert hands of our artisans. Each movement reflects passion and commitment to an ancestral art. It is a dance of the hands, where not a machine disturbs the melody of manual work, where not a weld taints the purity of creation, where no artifice conceals the beauty of authenticity.

We are proud to work with a noble raw material: 925 Sterling silver, chosen for its durability and presence. Each SOVEZIR bracelet is more than a piece of jewelry; it is the promise of a distinction, the secret of an allure. On the reverse of each piece, the initials PH are revealed, a discreet tribute engraved in the metal, which reads “Privilège Homme”. This is the hallmark of SOVEZIR, the commitment of a brand dedicated to excellence, to the celebration of contemporary man in his truest and most noble aspects.

Our engagements

  • Waterproof

    Water-resistant and everyday jewelry
  • Homemade

    For quality jewelry
  • Solid 925 silver

    For durable jewelry
  • Sober and contemporary design

    To match all styles

Meeting Yann, the founder

“My grandfather’s stories rocked my childhood and ignited my imagination. His voice, imbued with distant memories, had the gift of transforming our living room into a land of exotic adventures.

It is upon its return from Burma that Zircon will enter France.
It was more than a stone; it was the symbol of a quest, the fruit of a daring which was born within SOVEZIR (Société de Vente de ZIRcons), the company that my grandfather built in 1954, established as a true temple of costume jewelry .

He was not just a businessman; he was a visionary, a pioneer honored by his peers when he took over as president of the Chambre Syndicale de la Bijouterie Fantaisie in Paris. His name resonated there with respect, a living testimony to know-how that is passed down from generation to generation.

In the wake of his legacy, we brought Living Stone to life. This bracelet, adorned with two sparkling zircons, is much more than a piece of jewelry. He is the incarnation of a tradition that continues and the symbol of our commitment to face, with the same grace and the same strength, the challenges of the 21st century.

Each stone set is a promise, that of the honor to continue its work, to perpetuate the name of SOVEZIR, and to feed the flame of creativity without ever forgetting where we come from. It is a tribute, an oath passed over time, an embrace that brings together the past, present and future of our lineage. »

In the discreet realm of masculine elegance, every detail counts, every accessory speaks.
At SOVEZIR we sculpt silver, a noble and timeless metal, we thus forge more than a piece of jewelry; we breathe the essence of the modern man into every piece we create.

At SOVEZIR, we see virility not as a question of strength, but as a mixture of subtle qualities that give a man his unique character. Our jewelry is designed to reflect this vision, incorporating values ​​such as resilience and tenacity, essential for men who actively engage in shaping the world every day.

Each SOVEZIR piece is a tribute to perseverance, determination, and nobility of spirit. These qualities are reflected in the refined elegance of our creations, in the discreet shine of silver which stands out without overshadowing, which complements without dominating.