In Marie-Claire: SOVEZIR PARIS, masculine style and refinement

They can be worn alone or in combination with several models, discreetly revealing masculine sensitivity. 

SOVEZIR Paris bracelets are good and good  more than jewelry for men. A trend that enhances and refines the look in all elegance.

History, travel and artistic sensitivity

A tireless entrepreneur, Yann POULHAZAN is a man who moves forward. Enter Paris. Buenos Aires and Lisbon

he divides his time between his hotel establishment, his family and his professional activities without ever

stop. But it is above all his artistic sensitivity that he allowed to express itself when he brought the company back to life.

founded by his grandfather. He gave free rein to his passion for design and beauty by creating unique products.

Specialized in the costume jewelry industry in the 1950s. The ZIRcons SALES COMPANY. 

which became SOVEZIR Paris, now focuses on the artisanal manufacturing of men's bracelets.

The SOVEZIR Paris man, elegant and assertive

If it's not new. The trend of men wearing jewelry and accessories is gaining ground.

On the wrist, Sovezir Paris bracelets can be worn every day, at home, at work or at sport. 

They combine with the personality and character of the wearer, discreetly revealing themselves as they move.

When the sunny days arrive, the arms are uncovered and the elegance of a timeless accessory comes to light.

In a short range, the bracelets are tirelessly assembled as desired.

925 silver pieces, bangles and cords overlap and intertwine to finish a masculine look with style.

A range of bracelets for men

By creating his brand, Yann POULHAZAN  wanted to give pride of place to the quality and robustness of its products.

Handcrafted, the hallmarked silver pieces and adjustable cords are modern and durable. 

Exclusively offered for sale online, the bracelets for SOVEZIR Paris are accessible to all budgets and delivery is free.

A distinctive sign of the brand, the initials PH on the back of the jewelry translate simply into two words, “Privilège Homme”, which mark the values ​​of SOVEZIR Paris.

An ideal gift for Father's Day, a birthday or simply as a token of love or friendship, to offer at any time of the year!